The Buckeye Wheel

Buckeye Dry - The Buckeye Wheel - DiceDon’t gamble with Quality….

…but do be a winner every time with our Buckeye Wheel!

Buckeye Dry - The Buckeye WheelThe Game Rules:

  1. All Prepaid orders over $25.00
    (After all other discounts and before sales taxes) receive ONE free spin.
  2. Spin result equals discount from your next order.
    For example, $10 bill equals up to $10 discount from order.
  3. Joker gets $3.00 off.
  4. Three stars gets a $25.00 off!
  5. Everyone wins…Good Luck!

Latest $25 winner!!

  1. Matthew W.
  2. Lynne M.
  3. Josh R.
  4. Diane J.
  5. Tedros A.
  6. David W..
  7. Scott A.
  8. William B.
  9. Keith M.
  10. Randy G.