Buckeye - LaundryBuckeye Discount Dry Cleaners uses the newest, most modern cleaning equipment in the Dayton area to provide you with only the best laundry services.  While most of the items we launder are shirts, we also use the manufacturer’s Care Label in determining whether an item should be dry cleaned or laundered.  Today there are many fine washers which do a reasonably good job at cleaning your “washable” items, but if the look of a special item is important to you – come to us.  That item will look much better if it’s professionally washed and finished by us.  The finicky Swedish designers of our washers make our laundry cycle slow and gentle and each load goes through as many as 13 steps and injects up to seven different cleaning agents throughout that cycle to provide you unmatched quality.

Business Shirts

Most of the laundry we do is business shirts.  We do these for $2.49 each or five or more for $1.99 each.  Our Sankosha Double Buck Shirt Machine is the most modern shirt processing unit in the industry.  Essentially a Japanese robot, this system, when paired with a skilled shirt presser allows us to process nearly 100 shirts per hour.  What we like even more is the quality this system produces…it’s so good, it’s almost pretty!

Our NO SURPRISE policy: Shirts

While we charge $2.49/$1.99 for all business shirts, whether men’s or women’s, we charge $3.99 for shirts which are too large or too small to fit into our shirt machine.  This is because these have to be done by hand, which takes extra time and effort.  We also charge $3.99 for Western shirts, shirts with metal buttons, painted fabrics, and other shirts which won’t fit in our machine.  If the shirt is linen or silk this is also extra.

We also upcharge twenty cents per shirt for creases.  This is because our Sankosha shirt machine does not do creases and these shirts must have the extra step of hand pressing for the creases.