Our competitors* charge up to $25 annually to belong to their VIP programs. What do we charge? $5…and we give that back to you as a credit on your next order! What do you get with OUR VIP program?

  • Super 24/7 convenience:
    • If we’re open (open 7-7 M-F, 9-5 Sat), just come in and throw your DROP&GO bag on the counter to the left of the door and go
    • If we’re closed, put your bag (or your clothes and a name and phone number slip if you forgot the bag) in one of the four DROP & GO lockers to the left of our doors and follow the easy instructions posted on the locker door.
  • The best quality and the best prices in town…everyday!
  • Standard next day service
  • We text you when your order’s ready.
  • Automatic pricing for all our specials and our exclusive “five or more” pricing
  • With your credit card on file, you can just come in and pick up your order…
    • Unless, of course, your order is over $25 – then take a minute to spin the Buckeye Wheel and win up to $25 off your next order!
  • Garments treated by the Dayton area’s only Certified Green Cleaners, using the exclusive Green Earth process.

So, we want you to have a feel good experience – about the quality and value you’re getting while feeling good about having your garments cleaned in the most eco-friendly way anywhere in southwest Ohio! So sign up for Drop&Go today!

*By the way, we think you’ll find the “special prices” they offer to their VIP customers are generally about the same as our regular prices.